Top 10 Sunset Photography Locations

The magic of the sunset. The reset. The glory of a day gone by. Watching those last rays of light create all my favorite feelings of longing, wonder, and nostalgia. And you can grab on to those feelings at anytime with great sunset Photography.

During my 2 year travels across the western US (when I packed up everything I loved and threw it in a van) I had the joy of witnessing and photographing sunsets on beaches, in deserts, under mountains and in many, many a rest stop, which I will spare you from.

I hope you enjoy my Top 10 Sunset Photographs from some of my favorite US travel locations.

florida vivid orange sunset fine art beach landscape photography siesta key

Siesta Key, Florida

The soft white sands of the world famous beach in Siesta Key, Florida provide the perfect resting place to watch a killer sunset.

Oahu Hawaii vivid orange sunset fine art beach landscape photography Haleiwa
sunset art photography print haleiwa north shore hawaii

Haleiwa, North Shore, Hawaii

Sunset photography in Hawaii is a no brainer. While the entire island of Oahu will reward you with immense beauty, I had a few spots (Haleiwa being a Favorite) that I couldn’t get enough of during my 3 year stay.

hawaii ocean vivid sky sunset fine art photography wall print north shore

Waialua, Hawaii

Home to one of the most laid back, less known beaches in Hawaii. Waialua offered the most glorious Sunsets I have ever witnessed.

New Mexico vivid orange sunset fine art desert southwest landscape photography White Sands National Park
orange desert sunset at white sands new mexico photography

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

The sweetest pastel sunsets reside in New Mexico. I fully recommend watching the sun go down while riding horseback through the desert dunes of White Sands.

California vivid orange sunset fine art desert southwest landscape photography Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California

The most eclectic spot on the list. It’s hard to understand the draw to this seemingly sleepy desert town, until you’ve came and went. The feeling of freedom and “just being” surrounds you here as easily as the sunset.

Alton Illinois river vivid orange sunset fine art midwest landscape bridge photography

Alton, Illinois

Right across the Lewis and Clark bridge from St. Louis is Alton, Illinois. My family has deep roots in the area and though I have had a love/hate relationship with the place (read more about that here) I find my appreciation has grown more and more over the years. I had crossed this bridge a thousand times before I finally took the time to appreciate it. The greatest gift photography has given me.

Arizona vivid orange sunset fine art southwest desert mountain landscape photography Tuscon

Tuscon, Arizona

I could visit Tuscon over and over again for 2 reasons. It is home to the best Mexican Food I have ever had and you won’t go a day without a stop and stare sunset.

arizona mountain gold sunset limited edition artwork artist leela moon art print

Flagstaff, Arizona

Right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona there is a little back road that holds incredible black sand hills and brilliant sunsets. And possibly an old soup can the size of an RV. But thats for another post.

Which One Was Your Favorite?

Have a favorite sunset photo? I would love to know your favorite place to watch those last rays of light! Comment Below Your Favorite Sunset Location!

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