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Open Up was captured in Honolulu Hawaii. Windows always do pull my attention and leave me wondering at the lives going on behind them. This work, however, provoked a different wonder in me. The open, airy brightness and vertical lines of the architecture in Open Up gives me the urge to take in a deep breathe, as I slowly tilt my face towards the sky. Just as I did when I looked up in appreciation of the symmetry of the building and the way the lines came together. What wonder does a simple Hawaiian Skyscraper give you?

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Luxury Edition


28 X 42.5, 31 X 47, 35 X 53.1, 39 X 59.2

Fine Art Print


8 X 12.1, 10 X 15.2, 12 X 18.2, 16 X 24.3, 20 X 30.4, 24 X 36.4

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Luxury Limited Edition of 12
This is the most stunning finished gallery pieces that I offer. UltraHd photo prints under acrylic glass produced with top of the line photographic papers. These museum quality pieces are produced using the best available materials found today. This incredible fine art process begins by producing a photographic print that is then face mounted from behind to a sheet of crystal clear, scratch resistant acrylic glass. Prints produced this way show incredible visual depth and an almost 3d quality full of high definition details, beautiful tonal transitions and incredible vibrant colors.

Light that falls across and reflects off of the face of these prints is visually "trapped" within the acrylic glass and when properly lit, the artwork appears to be illuminated or back-lit.  These magnificent acrylic prints give a timeless elegance that adds to the overall luxury feel of these incredible pieces of art.  The quality I find most exhilarating from these high-end pieces is the fact that your artwork will come to life for you again and again. As various qualities of changing light fall across the walls of your home, you will find new subtleties lying hidden, only known to you, the eye of the beholder.

Fine Art Print - Limited Edition of 100
Printed on Baryta Black and White Paper for brilliant whites, the deepest black, ultra-fine tone gradation for sharp contours and precise details. With my labs expert processing our Baryta photo prints offer unmatched color intensity and sophisticated elegance. Considered to be the most durable of all photo papers, Baryta is the professional choice for fine art prints by galleries, museums, and private collectors. And since every Baryta print is carefully produced by hand, each one is a unique work of art.

I produce all of my high-quality baryta prints with a .39 white border. In the grand style of vintage photographs, it lends your black-and-white photo additional character and aesthetic refinement. It is also a practical way to keep from losing pieces of the image when framing your print.