minimalist abstract nature photography water and sky muted tones

The First of Abstract Days | Fine Art Nature Photography

I had noticed them everywhere. Lovely little abstracts of trees. Mostly of one in particular, Pando. The famous grove of quaking aspen found in Utah. Pretty blurs of just made out trees in bright colors of yellow and red.

I wanted badly to create this kind of blurry beauty for myself. And while some would say its overdone or cliche, I knew I would be happy to create my own abstract nature photography. Besides.. I am not one to keep myself from doing a thing because what another thinks of it. 

And I found that my first take of in camera abstracts of nature were simple, invigorating, and left me wanting more. 

minimalist abstract nature photography water and sky muted tones
Landslide – Limited Edition of 10

Who cares what is cliche or overdone. What do I care if someone thinks it’s simple. If I want to try a thing, if I want to love a thing…
I’ll be damned if I let others thoughts stop me.

It was a cold day and I was surrounded by muted tones of Grey and Brown… I loved it.

Grey days always called to me and after 3 years of living in Hawaii I was long overdue. My chest felt full as I walked on the nature trails in the back country of Illinois. 

The first bit of tall grass I came to I knew that I would be flicking my camera around and trying to create abstract effects with my shutter. 

I pulled my shutter speed down to 40th of a second and closed my aperture to f/11. Positioning my camera low in the grass I clicked to shutter and flicked my camera to the sky. I was instantly impressed with the outcome of the abstract nature image. 

tall grass nature photography sky
fine art nature abstract photography

It was wonderful seeing the strokes of the camera. I never had the hand for painting (though I tried and surely will try again) and this filled my chest and sent chills to my already chilled skin.

I walked a little further up the paved trail and found a patch of cat tails. This would be interesting.


nature photography muted tones cat tails

black and white minimalist nature fine are photography stroke of grey
Limited Edition of 10 – Stroke of Grey

Abstract nature in black in white feels like looking at longing. Like hearing whispers from the land. 

There are always tiny treasures to find in Nature.

When walking in nature I always find something to obsess over. On this day, Every where I walked I found these tiny little fluffs of lovely scattered along the woods edge. 

moody nature photography art for home
moody nature photography white and dark

black and white floral nature photography art for home
Feelings + Florals

Since my family was with me I kept my time with my camera short. When we got to the end of the trail though, and found the water like glass, mirroring the tall creamed brown grass that grew along its edges, I let them wander ahead. 

muted tone nature photography water and tall grass sky

Here I played with the framing and composition until I was slightly satisfied. I could have stayed and taken many more, but sometimes its best to have limits on your time. When it comes to photography you never know what will pull out your best work or a new idea.

minimalist nature photography wall art
Quiet Reflections

minimalist nature photography wall art

Right before I headed off I decided to get one more image for my abstract nature photography. This one ended up being my favorite. The muted tones and minimal theme with open space, along with the way the “camera stroke” made the image flow. This all gave me such a unique feeling of contented searching. Peace, yet a desire to see more. 

minimalist abstract nature photography water and sky muted tones
Landslide – Limited Edition of 10

After my short but sweet walk in the woods, I knew that abstract nature photography would be something I would continue to do. I already have a few ideas that I can’t wait to try and feel abstract fine art will be showing up a lot in my future. 

black and white abstract desert dune fine art nature photography

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