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Textures of The Texas Sandhills

We would have passed it by without notice had I not glanced down at my phone. Our little blue arrow was cruising steadily through West Texas and there on the side of the screen, almost out of view, was a marker showing a saved point of interest. I hurriedly clicked it and up popped Monohans Sandhills State Park. Open.

And so we went.

The sun-bleached pavement that led us off the highway 20 was surrounded with dead trees and brush. Old sign markers stood out stark in the relentless Texas sun.

After we passed the guardhouse we followed the snaking road. Shriveled brush soon gave way to small sandy dunes and dried tufts of grass. It took me back to my childhood days on South Padre Island, and for a split second I felt as if I was driving up to Mustang Island.

The kids in back seat were getting restless and their squeals of excitement matched my own wonder at what was ahead. The last curve gave us the full site. As if out of nowhere, a brilliant sea of sand surrounded us. We parked right up against it and took off to explore.

iPhone Photo of Family Vanlife Adventure Through West Texas Sandhills
iPhone Photo of Family Vanlife Adventure Through West Texas Sandhills

While my family wanted nothing but to run to one peak to the next I kept getting entranced with all the small details at my feet. Small floral arrangements of dried tufts of twigs and grass sprinkled the ground.

Black and White floral Sand Desert Art Photo
Twig and Texture – Art Print

The sand was coarse, yet powdery soft. The texture as unique as Texas itself. Terraces of sand piled along the dunes and drew me in.

texas texture Sand Desert Art PhotoBlack and White texture Sand Desert Art Photo
Texas Texture

My children quickly noticed mom was not by their side and would ambush me from my trance.

So I followed close behind. Though while we walked though I was drawn to the way their staggering steps left small dunes in the sand. Falling to my knees behind them I trapped a few of their prints in the sand.

black and white desert shadows in sand art photography print
Staggering Sands – Art Print
bnw desert sand dune interior art print for home
Baby Steps – Art Print of Small Dunes Created from the Footprints of Babes

And though my time exploring the details of The West Texas Sandhills was short, it was sweet indeed.

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texas sandhills art photo print gallery wall
Textures of The Texas Sandhills – Art Gallery
black and white abstract desert dune fine art nature photography

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