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Lost In The Open





There was the tree. Lost in a fog and alone, out in the open. Somewhat like myself. And though the air is heavy, you can still make it out. A tiny sliver of a path. Ready for whoever should wander it.

When I look at Lost In The Open it reminds me, that though I find myself often in the middle of a fog (one that is usually of my own making) there is always a path nearby. Here the path is easy for me to see. For I seem to enjoy my moods dense. Heavy with emotion. And Lost In The Open fills me with just that. A plethora of feeling.

Find Lost In The Open in my Artist Journal entry Facing My Path | Foggy Day Photography

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TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal, Artist Paper


8 X 20, 12 X 30, 16 X 40, 20 X 50, 24 X 60, 28 X 70, 32 X 80, 36 X 90, 38 X 95


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