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“The desert is like that… your thoughts come like deja vu.. until you realize these feelings that should be someone else’s.. are your own dreams resurfacing from long ago”

Dreams Resurfacing gives you the opportunity to bring the healing powers of the desert right to your home by way of dramatic, yet therapeutic photography.

Make your most precious spaces ones where the beauty can withstand the everyday and allow yourself a moments peace when you need it most. Before a big decision, or confronting a tough conversation give your mind a calm and open place to rest and take in the possibilities.

Go to the desert and come back refreshed, renewed, and ready for anything.

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16 X 8, 24 X 12, 30 X 15, 36 X 18, 48 X 24, 60 X 30, 70 X 35, 80 X 40, 90 X 45


TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal, Fine Art Paper

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