Soul of Kualoa




There is something striking about capturing a landscape in black and white. It is like peeling back a layer to reveal the world on a more intimate level. Like seeing the soul of the land.

Here in Soul of Kualoa you can see the iconic Kualoa Mountain Range in a new light. As a semi-abstract, expressive and timeless piece. The dormant fragmented volcano seems to bleed into the water creating an inkblot, toying with your subconscious, forcing you to see differently. It is a new experience every time you take in this artwork. It is a creation to be deeply cherished.

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16 X 8, 24 X 12, 30 X 15, 36 X 18, 48 X 24, 60 X 30, 70 X 35, 80 X 40, 90 X 45


TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal, Fine Art Paper


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