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Ephemeral Unknown




But I was not content. I was bursting at the seams to expand and be as open and free as the desert surrounding me. And so, I faced every problem I could think of and presented them to the Ephemeral Unknown. They suddenly seemed so small, being carried away against the starkness of the white sands and into the infinite blue sky. And here I grew.

Ephemeral Unknown is a bold landscape that will bring a wonderful pop of interest to any home interior.

Found in How to Benefit From The Power of the Desert Anywhere

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TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal Print, Fine Art Paper Print, Poster Print


12 X 8, 18 X 12, 24 X 16, 30 X 20, 36 X 24, 42 X 28, 45 X 30, 54 X 36, 60 X 40


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