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Dunes of White Sands





I felt brand new in the Dunes of White Sands. Here I was an open slate ready for a new design. Every moment, every choice, carried a new strength to be revealed. A resilience and drive was re-awakened. A great feeling of power pulsed through me after testing my abilities in such a vast wonder. And a deep connection with the world was gained with the glaring knowledge that I am only a small piece of the infinite.

Dunes of White Sands gives you the opportunity to bring the healing powers of the desert right to your home by way of dramatic, yet therapeutic photography.

Found in How to Benefit From The Power of the Desert Anywhere

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16 X 8, 24 X 12, 30 X 15, 36 X 18, 48 X 24, 60 X 30, 70 X 35, 80 X 40, 90 X 45


TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal, Fine Art Paper, Poster Print


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