Lost In A Trance





At first glance, I saw a lovely little field with flat white flowers, embellished with frilly edges and a deep red and sometimes pink center. But the closer I got the more I saw. It wasn’t just about the vivid burst of color, or even the fine valleys carved through each leaf; it was about the strong emotions that bubbled up as I let everything else fall away and took in only the presence of the flower.

Find Lost In A Trance  in the article Finding Flower Art in the Florida Botanical Garden.

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TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal Print, Fine Art Paper Print


12 X 8, 18 X 12, 24 X 16, 30 X 20, 36 X 24, 42 X 28, 46.5 X 31, 52.5 X 35, 58.5 X 39, 60 X 40


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