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Open Up was captured in Honolulu Hawaii. Windows always do pull my attention and leave me wondering at the lives going on behind them. This work, however, provoked a different wonder in me. The open, airy brightness and vertical lines of the architecture in Open Up gives me the urge to take in a deep breathe, as I slowly tilt my face towards the sky. Just as I did when I looked up in appreciation of the symmetry of the building and the way the lines came together. What wonder does a simple Hawaiian Skyscraper give you?

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TruLife Acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal Print, Fine Art Paper Print


8 X12, 12 X 18, 16 X 24, 20 X 30, 24 X 36, 28 X 42, 31 X 46.5, 35 X 52.5, 39 X 58.5, 40 X 60

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