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Luxury Edition

You will find each of my Limited Luxury Edition Pieces are presented with museum quality as Large Formats in Editions of 12. I believe most of my images are best viewed in Large Format Acrylics, and it is often my choice to use this style for my Finest Art Editions. With my knowledge and access to the finest archival paper I know each piece is being printed with the highest quality owner in mind. And though each Premium Edition may come in varying sizes, only 12 will be sold. Each edition also has a Limited Edition Fine Art Paper Print run of 100. These are also sold in a wide range of small sizes. but again, no matter the sizes sold, only 100 will print.

Every Limited Edition Piece comes with a signed and detailed Letter of Authenticity.

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Dreaming Amalfi

Amalfi Coast and its Mediterranean scents, the teal waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and authentic little villages that will excite you at any time of the day. You simply cannot remain indifferent to such beauty.

Underwater Daydreams

She dreams underwater. Here she is free, unbound and open. She lives all of her longings, here in the silky darkness... here in her Underwater Daydreams

Dance of Vulnerability

Knowing the light of world will reveal her fears, doubts, her dark cravings, and her hidden truths. Awareness begins the dance. The ever-present conflict of living her desires, and fighting her demons.

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