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I knew it would have this effect on me. I felt how it pulled me. How I had longed to feel the sand, soft and cool, under my feet. And now here I stood. In the dramatic dune filled landscape with the rare white gypsum swirling about me. I was about to encounter the desert. 

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Cascading Dreams

Experiencing the Otherworldliness of White Sands New Mexico

Transformation. That word seems synonymous with the Desert.  Many people enter the desert to experience an emotional healing, spiritual awakening, or gain a heightened consciousness. I expected nothing less for myself.

Yet when I found myself alone after reaching the top of that first dune, facing an endless view of serene space. I knew transformation was still far on the horizon. 

What I found myself holding though was a restart button. And when stepping off the top of the dune into the vast sands felt more like crossing the thresh hold into a new world, chock full of possibilities, I knew I had indeed pushed my restart button.

The Power of The Desert

I felt brand new in the desert. Here I was an open slate ready for a new design. Every moment, every choice, carried a new strength to be revealed. A resilience and drive was re-awakened. A great feeling of power pulsed through me after testing my abilities in such a vast wonder. And a deep connection with the world was gained with the glaring knowledge that I am only a small piece of the infinite.

Being left with only my own self, my heavy thoughts came out for answers. And here in this unfettered land I was finally able to confront them.

I thought of how I was holding myself back with fears of approaching others. Anxieties of accepting myself and sharing myself fully. And I found the answer to the question of what was holding me back for so long. I had become scared to fail.   

Dunes By Design
Dunes of White Sands

When that hit home a torrent of past hopes and dreams surfaced with all the possibilities of how they could have, and should have, been achieved. I had drifted off my path, influenced by my fears and held by a content I subconsciously resented.

But I was not content. I was bursting at the seams to expand and be as open and free as the desert surrounding me. And so, I faced every problem I could think of and presented them to the ephemeral unknown. They  suddenly seemed so small, being carried away against the starkness of the white sands and into the infinite blue sky.  And here I grew.

white sands desert photography
Ephemeral Unknown

The desert is like that… your thoughts come like deja vu.. until you realize these feelings that should be someone else’s.. are your own dreams surfacing from long ago

Leela Moon
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Dreams Resurfacing

With my dreams renewed and raw self thriving I became deeply inspired to share this magical landscape. To share the healing ways of the dunes, spark action and deep connection within another. 

View The Full White Sands Desert Art Collection Here!

For the desert is no longer a landscape, it is a pure form produced by the abstraction of all others.

Jean Baudrillard
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Cascading Sands
black and white art photography print mountains sand dunes white sands new mexico
Cascading Dreams

How To Benefit With The Power Of The Desert

There are many ways to experience the desert and bring its abundance of benefits into your life. One of course is to visit for yourself. Go with an open mind and stay firm in your beliefs of what this ethereal place can do for you. Will it bring you clarity? Mental health and wellness? Or will you find questions answered that have been burning inside you like I did?

Even if you have never been to the desert or live near one, you can find beautifully fulfilling ways to be invigorated by the majestic sands.

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Free To Roam

Use The Design Of The Desert In Your Space

The beauty of the desert is found in its unique colors and textures. Replicate the deserts calming design by adding tones of blues, beige, and white and gold. The swirls and lines the wind makes on the top layers of sand make interesting patterns that you can also recreate into an interior design desert theme. Try adding…

  • textured wallpapers
  • bright open rooms with a minimalistic theme
  • desert artwork
desert abstract art photography print white sands new mexico
Stories In The Sand

Bring The Desert To Your Home With Art

The desert is an escape hatch for all of us. Who hasn’t just wanted to get away or find respite during stressful moments of the day? By bringing desert art into your most cherished spaces, you provide yourself this advantage any time you need it.  Desert photography provides a window for your mind to access a safe, quiet place. 

Calming Modern Gallery Wall With White Sands Desert Art Collection

What Power Does The Desert Hold For You

With little to take your thoughts, the desert provides you with the beautiful gift of clarity. The views of a desert panorama calms interior noise and the expansive space simply absorbs any chatter. This is when the important stuff gets through. With no static in the scenery. The eye can rest, and therefore the mind.

abstract gradient desert wall art

Surrounded by the soft, endless sands, you are able to focus deeply, relax and feel truly rested. Nourishment can be found in these wide open spaces. Like looking into a looking glass, the desert will give you what you believe it will give you. For the desert, like life, is what you think of it.

There were no lies here. All fancies fled away. That’s what happened in all deserts. It was just you, and what you believed.

Terry Pratchett
black and white abstract landscape art photography print
Like Life

This mystical playground is full of possibility for health, growth, and expansion. Explore the desert, however and whenever you can, and find yourself refreshed and renewed.

View The Full White Sands Desert Art Collection Here!

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Sunset on White Sands

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