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Thank you for your presence, I am honored you are here showing an interest in my work.  I will do my best to answer any questions you may have about my art, limited edition prints, or the process of purchasing my fine art photography here on my website. If you still have any questions please contact me at anytime! I love talking art and want to know how I can best help you find the piece you want just the way you want it. 

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Each of my artworks are sold as Limited Editions. What does that mean to you as a collector?

Special attention is imbued in every print. Each Limited Edition Print is unique and treated as such. To bring out the special nuances of each piece, all artworks are paired with specialty Acrylics, Metals, and Fine Art Paper of varying weights, textures, coatings, and sizes. In this way, every print truly is a unique piece of art.

All of my Limited Edition Art Prints come in small print runs of 12. No matter the sizes or medium only 12 of the artwork will sale as a Fine Art Print. I hold my work and collectors in high regard, and because of this choose to keep my art in small edition sizes. This ensures that the value of any Leela Moon Artwork you possess has a high chance of gaining value as time goes by and you and others collect more pieces.

Every Limited Edition Piece comes signed and numbered with a detailed Certificate of Authenticity.

The Prints

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A perfectionist at heart and a true lover of tangible Art, printing on the highest quality mediums is a top priority of mine. I offer only 3 of the highest grade prints available today; TruLife Acrylic, Chromaluxe Metal, and Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. This keeps life simple for me and my clients and that is always a blessing.

TruLife Acrylic Luxury Artwork

This is the most stunning finished gallery pieces that I offer. UltraHd photo prints under acrylic glass produced with top of the line photographic papers. These museum quality pieces are produced using the best available materials found today. This incredible fine art process begins by producing a photographic print that is then face mounted from behind to a sheet of crystal clear, non glare, and scratch resistant acrylic glass. Prints produced this way show 

  • Incredible Depth
  • 3d Quality
  • High Definition Detail
  • Incredibly Vibrant Colors
  • Luxury Look for Home or Office

Light that falls across and reflects off of the face of these prints is visually “trapped” within the acrylic glass and when properly lit, the artwork appears to be illuminated or back-lit.  These magnificent acrylic prints give a timeless elegance that adds to the overall luxury feel of these incredible pieces of art.  The quality I find most exhilarating from these high-end pieces is the fact that your artwork will come to life for you again and again. As various qualities of changing light fall across the walls of your home, you will find new subtleties lying hidden.

TruLife Acrylic prints come ready to hang and have a high-end luxury presence. No Frame Needed.

Chromaluxe Metal Fine Art

The first time people see ChromaLuxe High-Definition Metal Prints they are blown away by the quality and depth of the image. These High-Definition Metal Prints are not only stunning to look at, but the durability of this product is unmatched by competitors. With a Chromaluxe Metal Fine Art Print you can expect

  • Color Brillaince
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch and Fade Resistance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Extremly Fine Details and Tonal Transitions

This is because your images are infused directly into the specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution. The unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch, fade, and abrasion resistance. You will find this the choice medium in museums and high-end hotels for the lifetime of beauty and ease of cleaning they offer.

Chromaluxe Metal Fine Art Prints come ready to hang and look flawlessly stunning. No Frame Needed.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper

If you like to hold your art in your hands and feel the work come to life under your fingers, this paper is for you.

Hahnemühle has developed a intensive range of papers that has set the highest industry standards for over 420 years. Their unique papers tell the story of my artwork like no other papers available today. 

Each piece of mine is meticulously matched to the perfect Hahnemühle paper to ensure a true to the story, authentic piece you will treasure for every aspect.

All paper prints are printed with a .39 inch white border for easy matteing and framing unless otherwise specified.


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