moody fine art photography lone tree in field of fog

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It was just a quick drive down the road. But it was different this time. I was being filled with life, through the click of a shutter. And there in a click, I found it. My path…

moody fine art photography lone tree in field of fog
Lost In The Open

I had been feeling like that tree for a while. Lost in a fog and alone out in the open. I could see the path to take but it was a long one. And though I was so very close to it,

I felt so very far, from this path I was longing to set out on.

Lately though, I have decided to stop letting my fears of the unknown hold me back. Leave the perfectionist in me behind. I want to walk the path. Mud, fog, being caught- lost and in the open. It matters not, come what may.

It is time to start my journey.

I am the one who feels too much. Constantly touching and openly staring in wonderment at all that I see. It is all too beautiful.

For me sharing what I feel so connected to is terrifying. My photography is a joy that I can’t bear to be crushed. But why let it?

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It can still be my joy, even if others can’t find it. My connection shouldn’t be weakened if others tread on it.

This is an area in me I am ready to strenghten.

Some walk blindly through the world, not seeing or understanding the beauty and light that surrounds them. I have always seen it. But been too shy to share it.

A simple building, wheathered and decaying. Chairs sitting so perfectly aligned. I can feel the care the owner takes to set them so. I can see where they took the time, which was likely all they had, to keep the store front tidy and kept.

street photography leela moon

These details call to me and I often let them pass. For fear of being judged? For fear of what the second it would take to capture would make the ones with me feel?

Well now I am jumping into those fears. Because these other feelings building up are worse. I no longer want to be setting still, in a field of fog, looking ahead at the path I dream about.

I am challenging myself to take and share my photos. All the ones I love. Whether I feel others will care for them or not. If I have a feeling toward them, I want to draw on that more. Pull it out farther.

And using this I want to connect with others, who are also drawn to the odd beauty of this world.

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