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Dreaming Amalfi

The Dreaming Amalfi Collection was born from a childhood dream come true. My first overseas trip, to the little known town of Praiano, on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 

Crisp spring days spent wandering cobbled streets, chasing scents of bread, red wine and fresh seafood. All best enjoyed among the local chatter. The scenery was astounding. Nothing to look upon but beauty and wonder. The culture lively. The people robust. Proud people who daringly built entire villages among the cliffs. A true dedication to beauty if I ever saw one.

But it is more than the beauty of the place. It is about a yearning to be there. A longing to be fully immersed in the charming lifestyle. Which seems simply, to just.. Live.  What a glorious spot to be in the world. 

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    Proud Walls

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  • amalfi coast italy landscapes nature travel photography leela moon art

    Glimpse of Amalfi

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  • Casa a Praiano artwork italy landscape fine art artist

    Casa a Praiano

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    Dreaming Amalfi

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    Pink House by the Sea

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Experience My Amalfi Dream Here

Dreaming Amalfi | An
Art of Italy Collection
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