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limited edition fine art photography woman in water
woman longing to be seen limited edition fine art photography
fine art portrait woman in water limited edition artwork
Dance of Vulnerability
fine art woman in water limited edition photography
To Be Seen

She emerged from the dark waters serene and sensual. Content with her being and knowing in her power. But it is always here.. in the second before opening her eyes that she stumbles.
The awareness that the light of world will reveal her fears, doubts, her dark cravings, and her hidden truths begins the dance.
The constant dance between living her desires or fighting her demons. Acceptance and the urge to change. To love the flaws and embrace her desires or fight for a new found strength and stronger self.

But little does she know, that here is where she is most beautiful. Here in here torn state is where we can understand her. Where we can finally reach her. This Goddess. Glorious in her vulnerability.

The Dance of Vulnerability was born in the tropical waters of Hawaii. On a bright morning in a dense jungle of Oahu, Kelly and I waded the cool streams until we happened upon a still pool of crystal clear water. We knew what we had came for was on the verge of becoming and we were both fueled from adrenaline and the excitement of letting loose. From the many images I captured in our outpour of emotion that morning, there was a specific moment in time that pulled me in right away. I had held the shutter down and captured less than 10 frames These frames held the entire story of the morning. A morning that seemed to showcase stages we were both living out in our lives. The desire to truly be seen. The Dance of Vulnerability.

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