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Dahlia in Orange – Florida Flower Art Photography Prints

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Enthusiasm and joy filled me immediately.

A vivid orange flower, a Bishop of Oxford Dahlia, sprung from the earth to greet me. It seemed to be emanating light from within, shining brightly enough to break through the gloomy afternoon haze.

I created this Flower Art Photography Print after the happiest little flower sprung up and filled me with light, and what better thing is there too share?

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Benefits of Floral Art Décor in Your Space

  • Mood + Mindset
    Flower art provokes positive feelings and brightens any mood, mindset and environment
  • Evokes Vitality and Liveliness
    Create a vibrant atmosphere with flower art photography that perks you up and livens up your day
  • Create a Natural Space
    Flower art prints are the best low-maintenance way to create a fresh, natural environment for apartments, condos, small spaces, and city living

Art is something that makes you breathe a different kind of happiness

– Anni Albers

A flower lovers delight, this bright, cheery orange Dahlia art is sure to liven up any space.
Limited Edition Prints of 12.
Get these Lovely Petals and Create Happiness Today!

Dahlia In Orange Collection showcases a vivid orange Bishop of Oxford Dahlia found in the Florida Botanical Gardens.  This happy little flower seemed to spring up to greet me and instantly brought cheer to a gloomy day. Orange has a way of bringing about powerful expressions of emotions such as enthusiasm, creativity, emotional balance, passion, and your inner intuition. The perfect mood booster. 

orange flower art photography prints on wall for home

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