Authentic Brand Photography For Creative Entrepreneurs – DIY Ideas and Checklist

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If you are an artist or creative entrepreneur you have probably heard about the importance of building a personal brand. And whether you know it or not, you are probably already creating one.

In this day and age of social media we are all building a reputation. With every new image we post and every comment we make, we are becoming our own personal Brand. For artists and creative entrepreneurs who are aspiring to run their own businesses brand photography can be extremely helpful.

How Your Lifestyle Reflects Your Brand?

When we go on social media we want to know what is happening in the lives of the people we know, or want to know. Nobody cares what companies are doing. We care what the people in those companies are doing. Especially when we get a sneak peak into their daily lives.

By showing bits of real life along with behind-the-scenes business practices, we allow people to get a better understanding of our values and the passion that drives us. This is the start of building trust within our network and client base.

How To Build An Authentic Brand Story As A Creative Entrepreneur

Let go of fear.
There are so many blocks when it comes to showing ourselves and opening up our true hearts desires to the world. Fear of judgement. That we won’t succeed or people won’t understand our work, or connect with our passions. Just the thought of internet trolls or negative comments from people we respect can wreak havoc on our mindsets and stop us from showing what we truly feel.

Hiding yourself will only cause a build up of shame and regret. You will lose your purpose and passion for what you care about. Let your authentic self out and let the ones who are not aligned with your dreams and values show themselves. Let them go. Open yourself to the audience who does connect with you.

To build a strong and inviting personal brand, start by sharing your authentic story.

  • Where You Are Right Now and What Led You Here
  • Your Passions and Goals
  • The Skills You Have Learned Chasing Them
  • Your Failures and Wins
  • What Are Your Values And Why They Are Important To You
  • Your Struggles in Real Life And How You Get Past Them
  • Your Daily Habits and How They Help You With Your Business/Life Goals

Nowadays it is showing your compassion in what you care about that will attract your target audience. You are so full of passion in one area of your life that you are relentlessly giving your all to pursue it. And whether you realize it or not, you have unique skills in this area that other people need in their lives.

Remember you are not selling. You’re sharing your knowledge, experience, and capability with people who will enjoy life more with your gifts. This means something.

How Brand Portrait Photography Connects You To Your Dream Clients

Having a strong online presence is crucial. By creating content that reflects on your unique qualities, talents and values, your audience will get a better understanding of your areas of expertise and what it would be like to work with you. Your images give the first and lasting impression. They showcase your personality and create the connection needed for trust and assurance.

personal brand photography for women creatives and artist

and if you haven’t noticed yet…

It’s All About Authentic and Highly Personalized Imagery

By capturing your genuine personality with high quality images you will stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression. The key here is STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF! It is the best way to differentiate yourself from other professionals in your field. For you are special and unique and hold quirks and experiences no one else does.

For Example. You will find plenty of creatives on Instagram. Photographers feeds are full of the stunning images they take of others. Painters showcase their awe-inspiring paintings, and writers create content of beautifully thought out words they string together. But you will hardly be able to find an image of them as you are scrolling. And think about it…

Once you have connected with someones art what is the first thing you do?

Try to find them? See what they look like? What they are all about… how did they do this and what inspired the amazing piece you instantly fell in love with? If you cannot find this person easily do you stay attracted to the art? Maybe. You probably follow them and randomly keep up with their posts and occasionally heart them. But chances are you won’t connect much beyond that. Now let’s say you did find images of the artist…

What portrait of a creative entrepreneur or artist do you think you would gravitate towards more?

  1. Cell phone selfies
  2. High quality portrait images of someone nicely dressed and smiling
  3. Beautiful images of the artist in the midst of painting one of their masterpieces, a writer writing their book out of their van they travel the world in for inspiration, or a fellow creative woman entrepreneur including her children (no matter how hard) in her dreams and work she is so passionate about.
artist leela moon art self portrait brand photographer photography
Building a business and chasing dreams with young children isn’t easy. But I want them to know they do not hold me back. They push me forward. The greatest reward is teaching them that it can be done, and they can do it too.
#motherartist – Leela Moon

I am pretty sure I know which scenario you would want your brand associated with. In fact, the more of these lifestyle images that relate to the art you had already connected to, the more you want it. Now, it’s more than “Oh I love that piece/person”. Now a relationship has formed. Sadly, even in the highly visual world we live in, most people tend to stick with option 1 or 2 (selfies and headshots).

How To Create Your Own Brand Photography Portraits

You have your story and ideal audience. And you agree your audience needs more than a selfie or headshot to connect with you and your work… But how do you speak to them visually? What are they looking for and how can they connect with you? Check out this photographers checklist for brand photography to get ideas for your creative self portraits.

Brand Photography Checklist For Creative Entrepreneurs and Artist

  • Where You Work
    • On Your Computer
    • Creating a Project
    • Working With a Client
    • Your Favorite Tools and Accessories
    • In Your Studio or Office
  • Favorite Place To Relax, Unwind, Find Inspiration
    • Hiking
    • Gardening
    • Crafting
    • Beach
    • Favorite Chair, room, or space
  • Daily Routines and Habits
    • Reading
    • Meditating
    • Exercising
    • Writing In Journal
    • Self-Care Practices
  • Personal Life and Quirks
    • Enjoying Your Favorite Beverage
    • With Your Family
    • Favorite Coffee Shop or Hangout
    • You in Places That Inspire You

The places you work, relax, love, and live are key to showing off who you are when it comes to brand photography. Images of where you normally have your computer, write in your journal, meditate, drink your coffee, favorite place to walk or hike, pictures of you with your family in your favorite hangouts (or them in your space), where you create your projects, where you keep your favorite work tools. These are all interesting components of your life that others can relate to or would like to know about you.

Get A Tripod or A Friend

As we went over earlier selfies won’t build your brand. There are a nice range of tripods to choose from. You can go with a cheap tripod (check thrift stores or walmart) or professional tripod depending on your level and what you prefer. You can also get a cell phone holder to bump the ease and quality up a notch. I know many people (including myself every now and again) who stack up books, use a table, or any surface and prop available to hold their phone. Setting a timer and burst shot for multiple images will greatly increase your chances for getting a great picture.

Human tripods like friends, partners, kids, or even strangers (if your extroverted enough) can be great assets for getting your shot.

Locations and Backgrounds

Your Home, Studio, or Office
You might think your home or current work space is unsuitable for photos. I assure you it is not. Your mess is apart of your life. Clean it up some, organize, embrace the chaos and photograph it as is, or shoot around it. Find your favorite areas of your home and observe them a little closer to hone in on the tiny details that make you love them.

Your back yard and around the outside of your home.
Brick walls, apartment staircases, porches, walkways, entryways are all easy spots to snap a photo and showcase a bit about your life. Taking photos in your own home and area is also great for brand storytelling and social media prompts. Was this where you came up with that one idea, struggled through something and came out the other side, or a place that makes you feel at peace. Later you can add a snippet of what these places do for you to create an authentic brand story.

Your neighborhood
Open fields, parks, flower bushes, water fountains, coffee houses, your favorite scene or place you admire when coming home. Easy to access and fun locations for creative photo shoots are all around you once you set your mind to noticing them. Look around your own neighborhood and be surprised.

Negative Space

An empty wall in your home, side of a building in your neighborhood, or secluded spot in a garden is great for getting launch shots, or photos with negative space for text. You pointing to the side or up, throwing confetti, holding paint brushes (or your tool of choice), standing there with an “I did it” smile on your face. Get creative. Later you can add text to the negative space for new product or business info, quotes, buttons and call to actions.

yoga portrait photography for creative business
yoga portrait brand photography marketing for creative business


Find a light source. A window you can drag a chair next to or even just stand by. Invest in a cheap flash or use a lamp from around your house. Goodwill has them for super cheap (and you can find something fun and vintage!) Lamp light on your desk, or by your reading chair at night. Light is all around you and ready to use.

Get Motivation

Is building a business and brand throwing more at you than you ever thought your dream needed? All of a sudden you are a website designer, marketer, product organizer, social media manager, and CEO and now you have to be a photographer too?

I get it. I really, really get it. But you’ve got this. One day at a time, one post at a time, one picture at a time if you have to. It all adds up. And if you need help reach out to like-minded creatives.

By finding and working with other talented creatives who align with your beliefs, values and goals you will quickly shatter the limits you feel are placed on you and your business.

Connect with other creatives who understand your vision to get inspiration, ideas, and to motivate you. Sometimes you just need to talk about your ideas out loud and have someone who can laugh with you about them or expand on them to find the magic. You won’t feel nearly as silly taking photos of yourself at a coffee shop or in public with a friend or two there to help you.

creative women entrepreneur brand quote portrait photography

Find a Professional Brand Photographer if you are overwhelmed with the thought of taking it all on yourself or find yourself struggling with getting the images you want. A professional brand photographer will have the right equipment and understand how to get the right kind of images for your marketing needs.

Want to know more about working with me to get your own highly personalized brand photography? Reach out to me anytime. I love helping other creative women entrepreneurs obtain their goals and achieve those wondrous moments of victory.

Now get yourself together. Take a deep breathe. And pull out the brand that already exist inside you and let it fuel your career Today!

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