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About Leela

I never knew I would be a photographer. Though I always knew I was an artist. 

Born in Texas into a family of trouble, I found myself to be a quiet girl. I kept to myself and filled my days with other worlds. This passion for stories and unique eye for beholding my surroundings was likely from watching my mother immerse herself in books and creative environments. Had she told me to love these things, surely I would have dismissed them. But instead she let my interest be piqued.. and then quietly, slowly, these loves manifested in me too.

Art took form in varying ways throughout the many different stages of my life. Reading, painting, drawing, and Always Listening to anyone and everyone with rapt attention. And yes, I believe listening is very much an art form.

photographer leela moon fine art photography
Happiness in Italy

It was when I first froze time with the click of a shutter that I was able to see my connection with the world. My unique perspective held there for others to understand.

Leela Moon

My gypsy blood had me wandering at a young age. Traveling always has felt natural to me. I stuck to the Ocean throughout my travels, and eventually found myself in the middle of it. Hawaii was where I had my children, opened myself to the world, and gained an intense longing to experience it fully.

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Waimea Canyon, Kauai
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Artist Leela Moon at Home in Hawaii with 3rd child Faye Baby.

This is where my passion turned into something so much more. I came to love the art form of photography from my constant obsession to seek out and share the beauty of my unique perspective. The intricacies of the world that I now see everywhere. From abstract textures and patterns that surround us, to the way manmade marvels interweave with nature. Not to mention the wondrous stories that a landscape holds.

Truly, my work gives me the perfectly perfect reason to experience all that this world has to offer. But the reason it consumes me is not for beauty or travels. I will always find that. It is for the connection. For when I find others who see the world as I do from my work… and feel it… I am able to fill my life with what matters. Real talk. Good memories. Deep moments. With people whom I cherish. 

For me, every image is a story.
And I strive to share that story with the all the passion and creativity it evokes in me.

I am truly so appreciative that you have taken the time to get to know a little more about me. I cannot express the joy you create in me to show an interest in my work. If you have any questions at all please take the time to reach out. I would love to know more about how my work connected with you and I am always open to hear request on special places to capture on my travels! 

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