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Connecting with the world through Art
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original artwork fine art photography
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About Artist
Leela Moon

Passionate Dreamer. A lover of Beauty and Raw Emotion. I use my photography to collect pieces of the world, and the people I find in it. Born in Texas into a family of trouble, I have been wandering since I was young. I followed the Ocean throughout my travels and eventually found myself in the middle of it. Hawaii is where I had my children, opened myself to the world, and gained an intense longing to experience it fully. This is where my passion turned into something so much more. I came to love this art form from my constant obsession to seek out and share the beauty that escapes most of us everyday. And mostly, for the perfectly perfect reason, to experience all that this world has to offer.

self portrait of photographer leela moon
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fine art landscape long exposure water under pier

Client Favorite

Whispering Waves

What is it about a pier
From above it's like looking into forever
But down below
This is where to find the good stuff
Here the whispering waves
Speak to my soul in a way that nothing else has
Soft sand envelops my pain
Allowing my heart
To come alive again

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Favorite Abstract

Water Painted Stories:
Spouts of Green and Gold

Walking Waikiki you can find little abstract stories painted with water every second turn of your head. The cities literal name is after all, "Spouting Water".

Green and Glow reveals different aspects of the jungle green and the shimmering golds to different viewers. While the flow of the water speaks to some, the jaded greens call to others. Watching the flow is like being immersed in a new feeling. A mix between feeling nothing and yet connected to all that surrounds you. This is what inspired the capture. What about it will inspire the thoughts in your mind?


Dreaming Amalfi

I had finally made it.
A place I visited frequently in my childhood daydreams. Those first lovely dreams filled with romanticism and yearning. The building blocks, it seemed, of my life....